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  • Our team consists of healthcare professionals who are qualified and specialised in managing heart rhythm.
  • As heart rhythm specialists, our mission is to deliver excellent care for the comprehensive treatment of cardiac arrhythmias.
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    Rythmopole, a network of CARDIOLOGY EXPERTS

    Heart arrythmia management, or cardiac electrophydiology, is the discipline of cardiology that studies and treats heart rhythm disorders such as atrial flutter, atrial fibrillation, supraventricular tachycardia or arrhythmia in the broad sense.

    Our team consists of healthcare professionals who are qualified and specialised in managing heart rhythm. Our philosophy is based on group work in order to optimise the chances of successful diagnosis and treatment in complex cases and to allow continuity of care.

    In medicine, the volume of activity is not everything, BUT IT IS THE MAIN GUARANTOR OF MAXIMUM OPERATING QUALITY.

    Rythmopole is an expert in its field: this is reflected in the number of operations and consultations it has done since its creation, and each year.


    pacemakers implanted: 1st in France (out of 417 hospitals and clinics)


    cardiac resynchronisation therapies (pacemaker or implantable cardioverter defibrillator): 1st in France (out of 167 hospitals and clinics)


    ablations for heart rhythm disorders, of which 830 were “complex”: 3rd in France (out of 167 hospitals and clinics)


    Holter monitors placed and read each year


    rhythm disorders specialists consultations carried out each year


    surgery center


    Why would I go to France for this kind of operation?

    • Many surgical procedures for heart rhythm treatment have been invented in France. This expertise is still extremely present in our country, and research is going further and further
    • Depending on your situation, country and insurance, it may be cheaper to come to France to treat your arrhythmia
    • Getting treated in France for your arrhythmia could be much faster, hence avoiding a late treatment

    Why Rythmopole?

    • We ensure a quality treatment and care of each of our patient. Your case is always discussed in collaboraton with the entire heart rythm team, and we will do our utmost to ensure that you have only one contact during your hospital stay; however, (frequent) emergencies sometimes require another doctor to take care of you.
    • No excess fees: We treat our patients at the rate regulated by social security, because we believe that money should never be an obstacle to heart rhythm care.
    • Innovation and research: We participate in multiple research projects aimed at improving diagnosis and treatment of heart rhythm disorders. We also work with the most innovative materials. However, we never use any non-validated investigational material on our patients
    • Education: Throughout the year we train French and foreign doctors in the most up-to-date techniques in rhythmology. It is an honour and a duty to share our knowledge! However, our patients’ surgery will always be carried out by the same heart rhythm specialist they saw in their consultation because we believe in the doctor-patient relationship and the trust that comes with it.
    • Team spirit: In complicated or unusual cases of heart rhythm disorders, we discuss patient cases during medical meetings in order to make the best possible decision
    • AvailabilityBecause any delay in treating a heart rhythm disorder is always a detriment to the patient, we make sure to guarantee reasonable time frames for consultation or surgery.

    Want to discuss?

    • We know that this is a big decision to make. This is why we offer a free online appointment to discuss your individual situation and help you find the best solution for you.