Our Values

In rhythmology, teamwork is fundamental. A team, whatever it is, first builds around common values. They are the real glue of our group

No excess fees

We treat our patients at the rate regulated by social security, because we believe that money should never be an obstacle to heart rhythm care.

Innovation and research

We participate in multiple research projects aimed at improving diagnosis and treatment of heart rhythm disorders. We also work with the most innovative materials. However, we never use any non-validated investigational material on our patients


Throughout the year we train French and foreign doctors in the most up-to-date techniques in rhythmology. It is an honour and a duty to share our knowledge! However, our patients’ surgery will always be carried out by the same heart rhythm specialist they saw in their consultation because we believe in the doctor-patient relationship and the trust that comes with it.


In complicated or unusual cases of heart rhythm disorders, we discuss patient cases during medical meetings in order to make the best possible decision


Because any delay in treating a heart rhythm disorder is always a detriment to the patient, we make sure to guarantee reasonable time frames for consultation or surgery.